At G&D Freight LLC, we offer a comprehensive range of transportation and logistics services to meet your freight shipping needs. With our own fleet of freight trucks and an extensive network of motor carriers, we are committed to delivering your cargo quickly and efficiently across the United States. Whether you require expedited delivery, intermodal transportation, heavy haul services, or specialized handling for specific industries, our experienced team is dedicated to providing reliable and cost-effective solutions.


When time is of the essence, our expedited services ensure that your cargo reaches its destination with utmost urgency. With a focus on speed and efficiency, we prioritize your time-sensitive shipments, offering expedited delivery options tailored to your specific requirements.

Intermodal / Drayage

Our intermodal and drayage services provide a seamless transportation solution, combining different modes of transport, such as rail and trucking, to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We handle the logistics of coordinating the movement of your freight between various intermodal terminals and final destinations.

Over the Road

Our over-the-road services encompass the transportation of goods by truck across the United States. With our extensive fleet and network of reliable carriers, we ensure timely and secure delivery of your cargo to its intended location, regardless of distance.

Heavy Haul

When it comes to transporting oversized or overweight cargo, our heavy haul services are designed to handle the most challenging transportation projects. We have the expertise, specialized equipment, and necessary permits to transport your heavy and bulky freight safely and efficiently.


For temperature-sensitive shipments, our refrigerated services provide the ideal solution. Our modern refrigerated trucks and skilled drivers maintain the desired temperature conditions throughout the transportation process, ensuring the integrity and freshness of your perishable goods.


With our expertise in handling agricultural commodities, we offer reliable transportation services for grain and other bulk agricultural products. Our team understands the unique requirements and time-sensitive nature of the grain industry, providing efficient and secure transportation solutions.


Our flatbed services cater to the transportation of large and irregularly shaped cargo that cannot be accommodated by traditional enclosed trailers. We have a diverse fleet of flatbed trucks, equipped with the necessary equipment and securing systems to handle a wide range of specialized loads.


Transporting lumber requires specialized knowledge and equipment to ensure safe and efficient delivery. Our lumber transportation services are designed to handle the unique challenges associated with hauling lumber and wood products, providing reliable transportation solutions for the forestry industry.

Oil and Gas

With our experience in the oil and gas industry, we offer transportation services tailored to the unique requirements of this sector. Whether you need to transport drilling equipment, pipeline materials, or other oil and gas-related cargo, our specialized services ensure secure and efficient transportation.


Our specialized produce transportation services are designed to meet the unique requirements of the agricultural industry. We understand the time sensitivity and delicate nature of perishable goods, and we have the expertise to handle the transportation of fresh produce with care. From temperature-controlled trailers to efficient routing, we ensure that your fruits, vegetables, and other perishable items arrive at their destination in optimal condition, maximizing freshness and shelf life.



Government Contracts

G&D Freight LLC, proudly offer specialized transportation services for government contracts. With our extensive experience in handling government-related freight, we understand the unique requirements and compliance regulations involved. From secure and confidential shipments to specialized handling of sensitive materials, we have the expertise to ensure the successful transportation of government contract cargo. Our dedicated team works closely with government agencies and contractors to provide reliable and efficient logistics solutions, delivering on time and with the highest level of professionalism. Trust G&D Freight LLC for your government contracts freight needs, and experience our commitment to excellence in every shipment.

Carrier Connecting

Through our extensive network of motor carriers, we provide carrier connecting services, acting as a liaison between shippers and carriers. Our team handles the coordination, negotiation, and logistics involved in connecting your cargo with the right carrier, ensuring seamless transportation from start to finish.

Why Choose G&D Freight LLC?

  1. Swift and efficient transportation solutions tailored to your needs.
  2. Extensive network of motor carriers for nationwide coverage
  3. Dedicated team with expertise in various industries
  4. Commitment to timely and secure delivery of your cargo
  5. Modern fleet of trucks and specialized equipment
  6. Cost-effective solutions that optimize your logistics operations

At G&D Freight LLC, we take pride in our ability to deliver your freight quicker and more efficiently than any other logistics company in the US. Contact us today to discuss your shipping requirements and let our experienced team provide you with reliable transportation solutions.